Shared camera information

Access shared cameras

For access to cameras which somebody shared with you. Use shared-cameras/ endpoint. This endpoint is basically same as cameras/ endpoint for accessing your own cameras, including recording access. There is only one difference, shared-cameras/ endpoint gives you basic information about camera owner.

Manage Guest

To share your own camera with any other user see Camera guest resources. This means, you allow guests to view stream from your camera. There are four kind of operations which is allow for managing guest.

Retrieve guest

You can retrieve guest email, name and guest permissions.

Create guest

When you adding new guest, you just need their email. Then we send them an email informing them that you share camera with them. In case when there was no account with given email we precreate an account for these guest.

Remove guest

You can also remove guest.

Update guest

You can update guest permissions. There is currently only one permission can_view_rec which allow view also recorded footage (in case the CRA app is active on camera).